Thomas Lippick

Egg Tempera on Canvas - 80 x 120 cm
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The allure of the imagination

For 30 years now, Thomas Lippick has been working with an old traditional painting technique, tempera, or more specifically egg tempera.

Here, in contrast to oil painting, pigments and soils are mixed with an emulsion that also allows the colours to be diluted with water. This is ideal for the work of Thomas Lippick, who applies large-scale, multi-layered expanses of colour to the canvas to create his individual designs.

First, a ground is applied into which various materials have been worked. Sand or ash with various shades of grey and charcoal create a surface that reminds the beholder of old, faded house walls. A clear reference to old fresco techniques is visible here.

Some of the works explore classical abstraction.The content of the sedate, multi-layered creations is formed of shapes, colours, lines, and areas.
Others quickly evoke associations in the observer.

Thomas Lippick does not give names to his work, deliberately leaving it to the individual imagination of the recipient to give the imagery meaning. The abstract landscapes, horizons and groups of figures always lead to very different interpretations. The multiple layers and colours of the paintings with their blurred, non-specific images create a special depth that conjures up associations with the passing of time, images of the past, and time itself.The sometimes almost meditative effect of the work entices the viewer to look so closely at the paintings that they are totally immersed in them. Or, as one exhibition visitor put it: “These are paintings that you simply need to look at a second time”.