Dalit Marom

Oil on Canvas 125x170 cm (2018)
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Dalit Marom, Born in Tel Aviv (1968), is currently working and creating out of a studio by her house. Marom always enjoyed art, and after the birth of her third child she decided to leave her job as a lawyer and be a “full time artist”. She studied for four years in Beit Berl’s Faculty of Arts - “HaMidrasha” and moved on to study art in a workshop in Italy, before opening her own studio in Israel. In addition to inspirations from Pop and Modern arts, Marom’s love of colorfulness lead her to create her own technique - “Color Patches”. She creates one-color “patches” which she uses spontaneously and harmoniously, as every patch relates to the next. In her works Marom attempts to create “eye-contact” between the subject of the portrait and the viewer, thus creating a connection between them. Her paintings revolve around values and feeling such as: Happiness, Optimism and Emotion, expressing her positive point of view.