About us

Gallery Ysebaert

Annelies Ysebaert has a formation in architecture and is the founder of Gallery Ysebaert. 
She started in 2014 with a concept store in the centre of Ghent, an art Gallery with a coffee lounge. A project she managed with a lot of enthusiasm convincing her through experience to concentrate only on art.
Now 4 years later she is starting a dream opening an Art Gallery in Sint-Martens-Latem at a fantastic location, a larger space fully dedicated to art of 300 m2  with a garden for outdoor sculptures  and a parking area.  So to give all visitors a new experience in admiring and appreciating art. As an art director of her Gallery, the mission of Annelies Ysebaert is always looking for added value, meaning and beauty.
Gallery Ysebaert is working in cooperation with the renowned Israelian art dealer Bruno Art Group, who has galleries all over the world. Because of this collaboration  the client can find 2 different art visions in one house. A very interesting choice with a lot of opportunities for companies, investors, artists, art lovers and collectors.

Mission Statements

"I myself have often felt supported by art. For me personally art offers a solutions and gives me an insight in life. Art is a mirror, either you recognize something about yourself or you learn something different that you never saw before. "

"I want to share beauty passing on the story of the artist.”

Gallery Ysebaert has the philosophy going back to classic beauty but translated with a contemporary touch. The artistic view of Galerie Ysebaert is in its quietness revealing something mystical.  

Gallery Ysebaert is also offering art consultation for companies. With Art For Rent a company can create its right public identity and start their own art collection.

Bruno Art Group

Bruno Art Group, with galleries in Israel, Singapore, India, and the USA, is one of the few art houses that provides quality Israeli and international artwork by renowned masters of art. With over 60 years of expertise in the business, Bruno Art Group was born from the passion of its founder Motti Abramovitz and evolved into one of the fastest growing art houses in Israel.

Works include spectacular art by great Israeli masters like Marcel Janco, Yaacov Agam, David Gerstein, Reuven Rubin – and many more. Under the leadership of Motti Abramovitz, the Group has maintained a dynamic international program, taking its artists to the world’s best international art fairs, bringing top international artists to all continents. Bruno Art Group artists have been presented at MiArt Milan, Estampa Madrid, Art Expo NY, Artstage Singapore, Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong and Singapore, India Art Fair and beyond. At Bruno Art Group one can also find exciting opportunities for collectors.