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Annelies Ysebaert has a degree in architecture and is the founder of Gallery Ysebaert. 
In 2014 she started with a concept store in the centre of Ghent, which consisted of an art Gallery alongside a coffee lounge.
She managed this project with a lot of enthusiasm and passion, however, though this experience she became convinced that her affection is primarily situated within the Art world.
Now, 4 years later, she is pursuing her dream, opening an Art Gallery in Sint-Martens-Latem at a superb location, consisting of a larger space entirely dedicated to art as well as a garden for outdoor sculptures.
Her desire is to provide each visitor with a unique experience in admiring and appreciating art. 
As the art director of her Gallery, Annelies’ mission is to consistently search for added value, meaning and beauty in life.
Gallery Ysebaert is working in cooperation with the renowned Israelian art director, Bruno Art Group, who has galleries all over the world. 
By virtue of this collaboration, the customer will encounter 2 different art visions in one house.
A very interesting choice with a lot of opportunities for companies, investors, artists, art lovers and collectors alike.

Gallery Ysebaert exists through the philosophy of going back to classic beauty, translated into a contemporary touch. The artistic view of Galerie Ysebaert is in its quietness, revealing something mystical. 


“Art is a mirror, either you recognise something about yourself, or you learn something different from that which you have never seen before. Art offers a solution and gives insight into life”

- Annelies Ysebaert 


Gallery Ysebaert


Maenhoutstraat 60

9830 Sint-Martens-Latem






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